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New To Me Author! Victoria Ashley's Walk Of Shame

Victoria Ashley sure can write the sexy!

A really great read for Valentine's Weekend!
Edgy! Wild! Panty-melting! These are some seriously gorgeous hot strippers with really big ... Hearts! I'm still fanning myself! Wow! I adore all three of these boundary pushing, anything-goes, cocky guys in Walk Of Shame (Full Series). They are the perfect fantasy-fueling yumminess that just stripped and grinded their way into my heart!

Slade, Hemy, and Cale are ab-tastic, blazing-hot manwhores with major sexy skills and killer dance moves! Boy, do these boys like to get down and dirty! I need to get my hands all over these fabulously filthy strippers for real!

The Walk Of Shame is fan-freakin'-tastic! I'm so happy I got all three guys in one deliciously dirty book too! It's like having the movie, Magic Mike, dancing in my head while reading, only waaaay hotter! I really loved all the angst and drama; all the hurts from their pasts haunting them and their present day problems driving them nuts. I really loved how the adorable women they can't live without are screwing with their heads and messing with their hearts!

I freakin' love this series! The devilish smiling flirtations, the drool-inducing dancing, the hot n' heavy sexcapades and all the emotional heartache was ah-mazing! Undoubtedly some of the dirtiest and steamiest sexy-times that I've ever read! Oh and what a swoony HEA for each one of the guys! You all just gotta read this very erotic kindle-melting series today!

Slade (Book 1)
What an absolute badass! Ripped for her pleasure and a swagger that staggers; I loved Slade's smooth, libidinous stripping, luring all the ladies with his teasing heat. One and done. No lady rides the Slade twice ... Until he zeroes in on Aspen, the only woman to say "No" to him. The chemistry is off the charts incredible! I loved how Slade wears down Aspen's willpower and he falls hard into her sweet charms; opening up about his devastating past and why he's a stripper. Can this drop dead gorgeous sex-god give up all the adoration from wildly screaming lusty woman to become a one woman man?

Hemy (Book 2)
Untamable, wild and pierced in all the right places, this gorgeous piece of tatted man-meat lasciviously strips to make all the ladies crave his wild, brazen and dirty sexiness ... Hemy had it all but drowned that love with alcohol, man-whoring and drugs. Trying to cope with a messed up family and the guilt of losing track of his little sister, Hemy lost the love of his life, Onyx ... A girl can only take so much when her man is in so much pain and he won't let her help him, so she leaves. Four years later, a bachelorette party has Hemy gyrating his goods right in front of his long lost love. Now how can Hemy get her back for keeps and prove to Onyx he's a new man, thee only man for her?

Cale (Book 3)
Naughty and salacious bad boy stripper on stage but a sweet virgin good boy in the bedroom, Cale is keeping his promise to his one true love Riley, and waiting for her to come back home and to be his first woman he's inside of, after six long years ... Will she judge him for being a stripper and believe that he really waited for her like he said he would? Riley has been gone so long, but never stopped loving Cale... Can she have his love in every way and not ruin their friendship? Can she get past all the handsy hard up women touching her man at the club and trust Cale to be the man he says he is?

ENJOY Ladies! You've got to go grab yourself some Walk Of Shame naughtiness today!