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Love & Ink by J.D. Hawkins

Secrets, scars and second chances all rolled up in one sexy, sexy romance! Love & Ink by J.D. Hawkins blew me away! It’s excellent! Young love blown apart, harsh truths and horrible secrets, only to come back seven years later with even more pain and more cover ups. Ash and Teo has the kind of love that lasts a lifetime ... even if that means never being together to protect it. Teo’s self-sacrificing is sensational and heartbreaking! All the tension and unsaid feels between Ash and Teo is the best ... Loved it!


All the books I’ve read of J.D.’s are fantastic, exciting and so emotionally enjoyable in so many ways, and this story is just as wonderful! J.D. really has a way with words and making everything feel so real with his characters, his writing style is addictive. His attention to detail is fantastic! It’s like I’m walking around in L.A. seeing everything and just being in Teo’s head and heart. I love how the book kept me guessing about all the things that kept Ash and Teo apart for seven years, but I really loved when they finally get back together ... sextastic!

All Ash’s heartache and frustrations, passion and insecurities come alive in the pages as she struggles with bumping into the love of her life at his Tattoo Shop. So many things she dreamed of saying to him if she ever saw Teo again after all these years, fly right out of her head as she swoons and stares at the man who still has her heart in the palm of his hand ... will he crush it in one final squeeze, or cradle it, holding her close so he can restore their love back and the future she’s always dreamed of with him.

For years, Teo has tried to reinvent himself, escaping his past and barely surviving most days until he discovers his love of art and tattoos. Now a big deal tattoo artist in L.A. with a wait list months long, Teo feels at peace with himself, mostly. Only one thing is gnawing at his soul .. Ash. The love of his life he stood up at prom and left her high and dry without a word, not even a goodbye. Teo still feels he did the right thing, for himself and for Ash, but seeing her again, now, he’s not so sure. Maybe honesty is the best policy with Ash ... as he tries to justify his past and thinks about a fresh future, maybe he does deserve a second chance with the only woman he will ever love ... or maybe he should just keep walking, because can anyone truly go home again?

This story has just the right amounts of sweet and sexy, with lots of angst and romance blended in perfectly! What an awesome read! You’re gonna LOVE Teo!


Wrapped In My Wife by Alexa Riley

Quick. Hot. Delicious. A Must Read! As far the sexy romance fantasy books go, this one is at the top of my list! Wrapped Up In My Wife by the amazing writing duo that is Alexa Riley, rocked it! Dylan and Emily, high school sweethearts, married seven years, two twin boys and all the crazy that comes along with jobs and kids and marriage ... but they still turn up the heat like they are fresh, crazy-hot-for-each-other honeymooners ... and Dylan is so alpha caveman fabulous! All that sugar between gets sour when Emily decides to get a job, part time while the boys are in school, but still a job. Not that Dylan is against it, he’s just not very for it either. All good intentions turn into major misunderstandings between them ... so some things can’t be fixed with a wicked good tumble in the workplace and Dylan has to find out how to fix his marriage and protect his wife.


I’ve always been a huge Alexa Riley fan and always will be! Sometimes a girl just needs a quick and dirty read ... and this one hits all the spots! This wonderfully romantic, over the top sexy story did my heart good! Loved it!


Sergio by Natasha Knight

Heartbreaking and haunting at the same time ... Sergio by Natasha Knight was unexpected and amazing! All the dark Mafia storyline and intricate characters I’ve come to enjoy in Natasha’s books, but this one has a special sharp edge like a blade slicing through all the darkness and bringing me to tears ... Brutally beautiful.


Edgy and exciting, sexy and scary, devastating and dangerous, this dark mafia romance has it all. This story is unlike any other dark romance I’ve ever read. Sergio and Natalie have their two worlds colliding and spinning out of control ... wrong place at the wrong time ... fate or destiny, it doesn’t matter anymore, their lives are intertwined forever and nothing can stop the inevitable ... Time is a luxury, love is a gift and family is everything ... Sergio knows the clock is ticking, everything is closing in, he has too much blood on his hands, he is losing control and he will pay the ultimate price ... but for a small fleeting moment, Sergio takes what he wants. He desires love, craves closeness and needs Natalie above all else ... no matter the cost. Sergio just needs to have a fleeting bit of happiness, and needs to leave his mark on his family before it all fades into the blackness ... For all good things must come to an end.

I’m wrecked. Tear stained and heartbroken. This whole story drops hints all along the way ... I knew deep down, I felt all the shadows creeping in on every page, but I just went into denial, hard ... I have never read a book with an alternative HEA like this ... Never in all my darkest dreams would I have imagined Sergio’s story going the way it did. But live by the sword ...

Natasha Knight writes from her heart and her soul and goes wherever they lead her ... it’s awesome, it’s unexpected and it’s a spectacular reading escape into her dark erotic mafia worlds ... I always love where her words take me, no matter how many tear filled surprises may torment me along the way ... because Sergio did break my heart and I will be haunted by his unforgettable, beautifully brutal story forever.


Must Read! Billionaire For Hire (For Hire Series) by Cat Johnson

As always, Cat Johnson captivates! I love this new series! A sexy spin off from the Navy Seals series, Billionaire For Hire is just as exciting and just as sexy! I love Brent Hearst and his POV is fun loving, easy going, with a brilliant billionaire attitude. He has too much time to kill, too many charity events and too many woman on his hands, sometimes simultaneously. This story is funny, action packed and full of surprises!


Brent Hearst is one of those billionaire Hearst’s in the publishing industry, among many others, and also good friends with an ex-Navy Seal, Zane Alexander. One phone call from Zane, puts Brent in the middle of a Russian spy operation that was suppose to be a fun night out on the town for Brent, and inside flips his world upside down when he meets the beautiful coat check girl ... only this girl is way more than she seems ... and it seems Alex Jones has too many secrets. Brent fell hard, hook line and sinker, to the point of no return with a side of danger. Is nothing as it seems anymore?

A quick, sexy read with all the great writing, intrigue, suspense and humor I can always count on from this author’s stories ... and can’t wait for the next book in this For Hire Series!


Sombra, Love In Translation 2 by Leslie McAdam

What can I say? Tavo is all mine, I’m calling dibs! Sombra by Leslie McAdam moved me in so many, many heart melting moments from beginning to end! All I could think about is this gorgeous Spanish man, with his luscious accent, whispering sweet sexy words, and doing dark, naughty things, slowly, passionately and so sensually ... it made me shiver all over ... Gasp-tastic!


I was thrilled by all the drama, and authentic emotions Tavo and Kim have of being honest about their shadowy-selves and how all the character’s secret desires came into the light ... what a love triangle this story weaves!

I love how Leslie McAdam writes. It’s deep, it’s personal, and she expresses everything with so much meaning, and with so wonderfully multifaceted characters ... this story is so much more than just a sexy, fun romance of hot guy meets dream girl ... it’s a relatable revelation. An emotional, touching, beautiful journey of self discovery and self acceptance, and of two soulmates with a new found freedom to find themselves as they find true love. I laughed, I cried, and I swooned all the way through, but mostly it made me think ... Do I want to release my dragonfly, confronting and freeing my own inner shadows that are holding me back from flying to new, exhilarating heights in my life? Yes, yes I do!

Gustavo De La Guerra Cantor is frustrated. Spain born and Spain raised, Tavo loves his ancestral home, his family, his friends, his farm and his life in general, but not his future ... something’s missing. His heart yearns to sing, play guitar, travel to America and be free. Tavo’s family on the other hand needs him to stay in Spain, carry on the family’s olive oil business and marry the neighbor’s daughter to seal their fate. Not his future, not his dream, and not the love of his life. Honor and loyalty pulse through Tavo’s veins like molasses, but his heart yearns for the one woman who can see all of him, every shadow, every secret, and yet embrace him, love him and cherish him, no matter what. One minute at the airport changes everything ... seeing the vivacious, American girl that will be living with his family while she attends college, makes his heart rejoice and his body come alive ... This Kim Brown is his dream come true, he will capture that little dragonfly and never let her go.

Kim Brown is frustrated. Iowa born and Iowa raised, Kim is in a rut. She loves her family and friends but does not look forward to a planned out future ... she now has an amazing opportunity to travel, to learn, to explore, and not just Spain itself, but also in herself. Kim’s life is the same everyday. Her life is routine, never changing. This trip abroad will be her true coming out. Kim has decided to find out who she really is without everyone telling her who she is ... Spain will either be her destruction or her salvation, but either way she’s happy to be doing something out of her comfort zone ... she can be free to be whoever she wants to be, with no repercussions. Getting off the airplane, getting her passport stamped for the first time, excited, nervous and scared, then seeing the most gorgeous man she’s ever laid eyes on, stirs her inner dragonfly ... she ignites all over, inside and out like she’s been lit on fire by sparklers on the Fourth of July ... Gustavo De La Guerra is everything she’s been dreaming of in one sexy, sensual, spectacular package ... overwhelmingly perfect, but maybe too perfect. Maybe a dream is just that, a dream.

Sombra is an insightful reading experience, an engaging contemporary romance, and a tender erotic d/s story ... Spicy-Sexy, yes. Romantic, yes. Drama, yes. Surprises, yes ... but it also has a whole new level of extra- special love-layers in this love story like in no other book I’ve ever read. Sombra will just make you feel all the amazing feels ... Extraordinary!

I'm a huge fan girl of Leslie McAdam's books because every story she tells comes from a deeply moving personal place that reaches out, hugs me and brings me into her world with open arms and an open heart.  Sombra makes me swoon, makes me gush and makes me dream ... it's fantabulous!  So just get Sombra ... and all of Leslie's books while you're at it!


No Pants Required by Kim Karr

Surf’s Up!! Serendipity has never been sexier! The book stars aligned and I insta-loved No Pants Required by Kim Karr from the very first chapter! It’s funny, fresh and fantastic! My very first contemporary romance by this author and her writing voice, the storyline, the characters just drew me all in ... and the many, many, hot love scenes are all sexcellent!


All the emotional drama and all the coincidental chaos Cam and Makayla find themselves in the middle of is absolute funness! Two New York City transplants, striking out, being brave and now living in Laguna Beach California, both trying to find themselves and escape all the pressures of what’s expected. The whole story had me laughing and sighing all the way through and all the sexy awkwardness is ahhh-dorable!

Also, this book should come with a you’re-about-to-swoon warning and A/C! Lots of A/C, It’s so HOT!! Confession time: I only bought this book for the cover ... yes, it’s true, because this cover model is one of my absolute favorites and I buy all the books with his gorgeousness on them!! But then I started reading and I totally fell in love with the story! I love how Cam and Makayla just click ... how they talk about everything, laugh together at inside jokes, just understand each other on many levels, plus their sexual connection is not only passionate but so fresh and fun and definitely there’s no Pants Required for all this awesomeness! What a great book!

Camden Waters has it all ... or so it seems. Living the dream in So Cal as a life guard, and trying to get a grip on his life, Cam comes across as a bad boy manwhore but everything about Cam is mysterious ... He is definitely a deeply layered man with many, many talents. A fun, flirty, encounter in the first class section on the airplane from NY to Cali, makes Cam rethink his womanizing and not stop thinking about the amazing seatmate who rocked his world ... well almost. It’s wonderful how fate loves him, and always seems to vote Cam’s way, because now he has a chance to finish what he started with the mystery girl on the plane ... she’s his new neighbor and Cam is nothing if not neighborly ... very neighbor friendly.

Makayla Alexander is upset, uptight, and upside-down now that her whole life blew up in a matter of months. No more job, no more family, and no more fiancé. After all the wallowing and sobbing, plotting and planning, Makayla puts on her big girl panties, flies to SoCal to try to start over with her best friend turned roommate and a soothing sunny beach to greet her everyday ... now all she has to do is keep her girly parts in check because the hot guy with the B tattoo keeps bumping into her life at every turn, first at the club and then on the plane ... and now he’s her neighbor! Holy hot heatstroke, it’s gonna be that kind of sunburnt summer and it’s her heart that’s gonna be needing all that aloe to help her keep that crazy hot lifeguard from sizzling her into bits!



One Taste of Sin #4 by Amanda Siegrist

Talk about exciting!! All the sexy romance with a heaping spoonful of suspense!! Fantastic! One Taste of Sin is book four in this series ... a stand-alone read, that’s so engaging, mysterious and full of unexpected twists and turns from beginning to end! Amanda Siegrist’s books always delight me, and this one did not disappoint! Like all her others, the characters are authentic and fun, while also being complicated and compelling. What a great read!


Stitch is a hot mess! A bad boy tattoo artist with a checkered past, who’s bad at love, bad at relationships, bad at holding his temper and who just so happens to push away anyone and everyone who cares about him. Lucky for him, a few friends are unpushable ... but when Stitch gets the twitch, he’s gone. Unfortunately, just when he wants to get gone, he falls in love with the most beautiful, independent, no bullshit, fierce woman he’s ever seen ... too bad she’s just a one and done ... and a cop. Susan’s way too good for the likes of this loser with a past ... But Stitch really, really wants her ... and Stitch usually gets what he wants and how he wants it.

Susan has one of the most amazing sex nights of her life with the hottest guy she’s ever seen, and he ghosts her ... now six months later he’s knocking on her door and all she can do is stand there babbling and drooling. But no. Not again. Stitch was just a sex itch that needed scratching at the time, and now is not that time. Susan’s working on a serial killer case, her best friend is pregnant and needs help, and her lonely but busy life doesn’t not need Stitch and all his lovely tattoos and gorgeous abs, and sweet words to be a distraction ... oh boy but what a distraction!  As the murder mystery comes to a head, all the ups and downs with Stitch, it all just makes her head spin ... too bad she’s falling for the asshole, and too bad she can’t get a read on the killer reeking havoc on her city.

I really was on pins and needles reading this, so suspenseful! I honestly couldn’t tell who the serial killer was and I wanted to knock Stitch upside his head every time he pulled a ghost move on Susan ... but what chemistry, what passion, and what a totally cool opposites attract contemporary suspense romance this is and it really kept me guessing right to the end.

Seriously awesome!


Reckless by Lex Martin

OMFG! What a great, great contemporary romance by the writing genius that is Lex Martin! Reckless is unbelievably, irresistibly, addicting! It’s been so, so long since I’ve had a book completely capture all of my attention to the point of making me say to myself, “I Can Not Put It Down And I Must Keep Reading Until The Very Last Page, but OMG, I have to go to work and do all kinds of adulting crap I don’t want to do because I MUST keep reading Reckless!!”


I just fell head over heals for the super storytelling and excitingly emotional feels on every single page! I’ll take hot, tattooed, single dad rancher for one thousand Alex!! Oh, and add all the crazy, heated, passion that’s off the freakin-charts-sexual-chemistry between Ethan and Tori ... it all makes this book a dream come true romance read for this reader!! Yaaassss!! I’m so slappy happy I read this book! My absolute favorite by this author so far!! It’s already on my must read over and over list!! Yes, it’s THAT good people!

Ethan Carter being all bossy, big, badass with boyish charm just buttered my biscuit ... and his sweet babies all yummy and adorable ... yes, I’ll take that nanny job and he wouldn’t even have to pay me just to get to look at all that manly man all day. Seeing all that grinning goodness would be payment enough!! What a super good guy!! The best kind of guy!! What a great character and so many layers to his desires, needs, hurts and his capacity to love is amazing!! What an awesome dad and rancher, taking care of his family and sacrificing so much for their happiness ... seriously, a great guy! **heart bursting** But when he sees his new nanny, and gets a load of all that luxurious dark long hair and that sassy mouth that needs to be doing a lot more than talking ... he’s a hooked-lined-and-sinker-goner, a one-hundred percent under her magic spell love puppy. There’s no place on earth Ethan would rather be ... too bad his divorce isn't final yet.

Tori Duran is a total balls-to-the-walls, kickass woman, with a heart of gold, so after an all consuming relationship incinerating her heart leaving nothing but ashes and turning off her unavailable-man-magnet for all eternity, she’s in desperate need of finances, friends and fun ... but not too much fun. Tori thinks she’s too quick to jump into things, especially hot guys, heart first and thinking later, so all that kind of crazy needs to stop. From now on she’s determined to be a grown up, a street smart dater, and to never get her heart stomped on ever again .... but then a job offer for the summer has her head spinning and her panties melting at the first sight of the sexiest, yummiest, hottest man Tori has ever seen in her twenty three years on the planet. Holy hubba hubba, Ethan Carter is the walking definition of a gorgeous unavailable man, and her new employer. All her bluff and fluster, all her tomboy attitude, and all her stand offish smart mouth quips can’t keep all her must-jump-his-bones hormones on the back burner for long. Tori wants this man, every single inch of this man, and she already loves his kids to pieces .... so of course, with her luck, he’s in the middle of a nasty divorce! Tori’s in sooo much trouble, but the best kind of trouble!


A Good Man, Handymen Series 1 by Rosanna Leo

An all new contemporary romance series, A Good Man by Rosanna Leo starts with this amazing book about sexy brothers who are home improvement television stars. What a super exciting story with lots of twists and turns! I’m So Zorny or Michael Zorn! Holy Hot Hammers, what a mouthwatering dominant man! This good man can do wonderfully sexy “bad” things with his hands! I’ve never watched any home improvement shows on tv, but now I’m wondering if I’ve been missing out on all these sextastic handymen!!


I really love Rosanna Leo’s writing and this book has everything this romance reader craves ... sexiness, humor, emotions, drama, and hot handymen in tool-belts! I loved it! Michael and Emily’s falling in love story is exciting, delicious and heart-melting! What a fabulously emotional story about love, trust and healing! Oh and did I mention HOT?! Soooo HOT!! I loved reading about Michael’s PTSD tormenting struggles, how I got a whole new understanding of that mental health problem, and how the wonderful writing about it moved me to tears. What an amazing journey this story took me on!

Zorn Contracting started as three brothers fixing fixer uppers until they were discovered and now they are local tv stars, looking to hit the big time on HGTV. Michael Zorn would rather just work. He hates the limelight, the cameras and all the distractions on set, especially his ex who just happens to be the director. Boy does he regret that hook-up.

Now a new and exciting renovation has popped up on his radar and the cute little blonde with the adorable smile and the delectable curves has all his attention. Too bad she is engaged to a slime ball. But Michael will get the old house ready for tv magic and just try to stop all his crazy imaginations of all the sexy things he’d love to do to Emily. But he will never trust himself again after what happened a year ago at a job site. He should’ve done more, he should’ve saved that woman, he should’ve died instead, yet he’s called a hero ... he’s no hero, he’s haunted.

Emily Daniels has one dream ... make her newly inherited home and her grandmother’s soup recipes into a business. And all she has to do to see that dream come true is to get her home renovated to become the yummy center for her all natural soup creations. If only her fiancé was more supportive ... the more she presses him to be a part of the project, the more he pulls away and belittles the whole idea. But Emily is determined to see her Nonna’s soup recipes become a success so her rude fiancé can just pound sand! Now, all those cute Handymen are sure helpful ... especially the mouthwatering Michael Zorn. A girl could just ogle that man for days and never get enough. She’s had a crush on Michael since the very first Handymen episode aired, but the ripped, gorgeous, real life man is by far so so so much better in person ... she knows he has troubles, but just not how deep and dark they run.

What a fantastic read!!! Seriously all the feels and a wonderfully heartwarming hope to healing romance!!! I loved it!! Start this new series today ... you are gonna love it!


The Billionaire’s Salvation: The Billionaire’s Obsession, Max by J.S. Scott

It’s Billionaire Romance season!! All the excitement swirling around about a certain crazy-hot Billionaire movie that just came out, has me all super pumped up to read all the hot, erotic, steamy Billionaire romance novels I can get my hands on ... and this super sexy gem of a hot-must-read, The Billionaire’s Salvation by J.S. Scott, is right at the tippity-top of the gotta read list! Max Hamilton is the full-on dreamiest of dreamy Billionaire heroes!!


The unforgettable heart-wounds this story leaves every time I read it, is excruciatingly beautiful! I love all the heartache, the longing, the undying devotion, the sensational reconnecting and the true love conquers all ending ... it’s frickin-fantastic!

Max and Mia have a fairytale romance right from the first moment their eyes meet and it whirlwinds into a magical wedding of happily ever after ... or does it?! The past catches up to Mia, and after a series of unfortunate events she’s gone ... disappearing into the ocean, never to be seen or heard from again. Now all Max can do is stay faithful to her memory, mourn her absence, lash out at anyone who says she’s dead and try to clear his name for Mia’s disappearance ... Holy Smokes what a guy!!

All seems hopeless years later as Max Hamilton barely lives each day, burying himself in work and determined to solve the mystery of his wife’s drowning ... but deep in his heart he feels her, sees her around every corner, and is haunted by all the unresolved issues that plague his mind from all the lost opportunities with Mia. “If Only’s” and “I Should’ve’s” beat on his brain like a drum, making him full of guilty regrets and forcing Max to see his life and marriage in a new light, a new truth. He vows that if he ever has another chance at love with Mia, he will be his true self, his dominant self, and his love will never be doubted again.

Mia was a poor girl who met the dream man every girl could ever hope for ... She’s trying so hard to be perfect and to fit into Max’s fancy life. But she never seems to be able to make him happy. All Max does is work. Sure the love making is nice, but she knows he’s holding back, not giving his whole self, so she tries even harder to be the perfect wife. When he’s gone again on another business trip that she’s not allowed to go on, she heads to her favorite spot near a cove to swim, but gets interrupted by a very jealous old flame who tries to kidnap her for ransom ... only things don’t go as planned and Mia is left alone, lost and searching for who she really is ... until something sparks her memory and she goes searching to find her life.

All the Billionaire Obsession Books in this series are amazing and I love to reread them all over and over! I can never get enough of all these very sexy and very dominant Billionaires! Go get you some today!


Must Read! The Mistress by Maya Banks

Who luuuuuves secret baby erotic romance stories as much as me? Ooohhh and there’s a Greek billionaire hotel tycoon as the main McHottie McHotstuff! I yelled “Bingo” when I found and devoured The Mistress by Maya Banks!


What a drenched in awesome-sauce three Book Series about three Greek brothers who find love in the most inconvenient and the most romantically irritating ways! The first book, The Mistress, is the perfect read ... perfect! I’m addicted to how wonderfully soap-opera-ie it feels! 

Exciting, sexy, emotional and sensational ... it has every level of raw feels for the angsty, broody, hot Greek hotel magnate who begs for a second chance with the Mistress he threw aside in a rush to judgment mistake that he will regret for the rest of his life ... beyond yummmy!!

Look no further for your next hot read ... The Mistress has it all! A secret surprise pregnancy, corporate espionage, kidnapping, amnesia and the craziest, hottest sexiest road to happily ever after! Wow! Marley and Chrysander turn up the heat and then break all the hearts with this turbulent tale of misunderstandings and true love! What a wild ride!

Marley Jameson has good news ... hopefully, great news to give Chrysander Anetakis. If only she knew how he really feels about their relationship. Marley is nervous, anxious and yet so excited to tell him she’s pregnant, but how is this going to change everything. Only one way to find out, just go to Chrysander’s penthouse and tell him. Except after one glorious reunion moment of passion, is interrupted by one constantly annoying assistant, ruins all of Marley’s hopes and dreams when not only does Chrysander declare her just a mistress but a thief as well and throws her out of his life.

Chrysander Anetakis is a very busy hotel magnate, with all the endless travel, business meetings and countless round the clock interruptions and contract fires to put out ... all he can think about is getting back to New York and in Marley’s bed. Of all the mistresses he’s ever had, he cares for Marley the most. She’s kind, smart, funny, and their sexual connection is nothing he’s ever had before ... she’s perfect. If only Marley hadn’t wanted to define their arrangement and if only he hadn’t found confidential hotel plans in her purse. She’s a liar and a thief, another money hungry, manipulative woman just like all the rest, now out of his life forever ... So why does his heartache with missing her these past five months?

Get all the book love with this fantastic series!


Must Read! Beard In Mind by Penny Reid

My first read in 2018 and I’m so excited to share! Beard In Mind by Penny Reid is her fourth book in the Winston Brothers Series and I’ve loved them all, but Beau and Shelly’s story is my favorite-of-faves so far! I think this Series gets better and hotter with every book I read! Such unique and genuine depth in her phenomenal characters and such a heart-touching read! I know I say this a lot, but it’s out-of-this-world amazing! It’s full of wonderful surprises and unexpected twists! Holy Moly this is so so so goooood!


I love how this unpredictable, beautiful story plays out to an amazing, uber-romantic HEA and how I cried happy sappy tears all the way through! How the twisty road to love for Shelly and Beau is full of misunderstandings, pot-holes, self-discovery, and healing. I love how the two main characters are so attracted to each other, dying to be loved and craving to be made a priority to someone, yet they are so overly self-protective and afraid to show their true hearts ... don’t get me wrong, they are gorgeous and confident on the outside, but don’t judge these two by the pretty covers ... both are shielding their “faults” and “brokenness” on the inside. It’s magical how they unwind each other from their tangled ball of emotions and fears to become each others' missing puzzle pieces of acceptance, strength, and love. As the story goes, you can’t hide from love and they certainly can’t control their love ... being perfect all the time is boring, and Beau and Shelly are anything but boring!

Shelly Sullivan is the most fascinating character and the most puzzling to Beau Winston. Shelly has a great first impression with her model good looks and superior talents as a mechanic but everything about her seriousness jumbles the brain and makes me obsessed with her. She intrigued me like no other ... Shelly has such a perfectionist attitude with a blunt, concise way of talking that usually puts people off, especially Beau, but I found her refreshing, humorous and tender-hearted. Shelly may be crusty and defensive on the outside but she’s so caring and overly sensitive to her bones. I love her! And I could relate to her and her troubles quite easily. She may be a perfect package on the outside but inside she has her demons to conquer one day at a time.

Beau Winston made my heart explode! Ka-Boom! He is a sweet, charming, cool, collected, bearded and sexy man, the whole kit and kaboodle with a family loyalty cherry on top ... but his outside persona image only scratches the surface of his warm, caring still waters that run deep in this beautiful man’s heart. Once Beau sees what true love means and finally figures out the sexy enigma wrapped in greasy mechanics coveralls, who gives him the stink eye when he messes up, or she calls him on his bullshit with her brutal honesty ... the tall glass of gorgeous, Shelly Sullivan has Beau wrapped around her perfectly cleaned torque wrench ... now, what is he going to do about that? Make her his as fast as he can!

All I can say is I can not wait for the next book in this series coming out this summer! I’m over the top dying to get more of these bearded hottie Winstons! So I’ll just have to go back and reread them all again!


Gotta ReRead! One Wicked Night by Shayla Black (writing as Shelley Bradley)

I’m ending this awesome book year with a story I fell in love with instantly a long while ago, and I re-read faithfully a couple times a year. I have a strange fascination and a giddy compulsion to read this erotic historical romance over and over. Just the title alone drew me in, and then as I read, each page and each chapter captivated me and still does. When all the mystery, danger and deception reached a breathtaking crescendo, I was obsessed, totally and completely.


One Wicked Night by Shayla Black, writing as Shelley Bradley, is one of those stories that is not only unputdownable but extremely romantic. I absolutely love everything about this story. It has every element of its genre, a few sub-genres wound in that I love to read about, and it’s even a bit taboo! Amazing is too small an expletive, but it is so original, sexy and engaging.

Lady Serena Boyce is a married woman, and her husband is a Duke. All her life she’s prayed for a peaceful home, a kind husband and a house full of children. Only now her much older husband is unable to make love, never mind make a baby that they both desperately need and want. The Duke needs an heir as soon as possible and if he can’t conceive a child upon Serena then he has just the solution ... Only the god-fearing Serena can’t imagine having an affair with a total stranger, committing adultery, just so they can save the Duke’s estates from a horrible nephew inheriting ... but fate has intervened when Serena is rescued from an assault by a handsome, irresistible and compelling Marquess, and willingly melts in his arms for the first time in her sheltered life.

The Marquess Of Daneridge, Lucien Clayborne faced with another lonely night, drinking away his pain and sorrows, or seduce the angelic damsel that he just rescued from a robber. She is mysterious, beguiling and beautiful. The best part of their accidental encounter is the fact that she’s stranded and he is her only way home, with a slight detour to his residence ... Lucien needs her arms and her warmth for comfort, for solace and for an escape ... just one night. One wicked night. He’s been burned and scorned by his ex-wife and has no intention of ever trusting a woman again. But this one powerful night with this enchanting woman has Lucien on a collision course with a new destiny and a second chance at redemption ... If he can just find out who she is first.

I think these two characters, Serena and Lucien are one of the most memorable couples I have ever read about, they are one of my most favorite hero and heroine in an erotic romance. Lucien and Serena are complicated complex characters and I love how they meet. How they become mystery lovers then inconvenient enemies. When a secret unexpected surprise brings them together, the adversity binds them and exposes their true hearts. They both have had so many disappointments and disillusions in their pasts about what they thought love was, that leads them to question all the heartache and desperation. So when destiny throws them together on that clandestine stormy, rainy night, their world’s are turned upside down irrevocably ... and one wicked secret night will last a lifetime.

Serena Boyce’s pious upbringing had so many strict ideals forced upon her that she’s trying to live up to, and trying so hard to be perfect. She wants to be the perfect Duchess, the perfect wife and a perfect woman of society because her family’s past is so scandalous. Lucien Clayborne is a man who’s always in control, and always in a position of power, but when his life falls apart as he watches all that he loves slip away, Lucien becomes regretful, bitter, angry, jaded and distrustful of all women, but mostly he questions of his own sanity and judgement.

When Serena and Lucien are together it is pure magnetic passion. I really enjoy their angsty struggles, how they fight their deep desires and lusty emotions, how they war within themselves and with each other at every turn. But what’s really overwhelming and addicting is the magnificent sexual chemistry, the true love connection between Serena and Lucian that cannot be denied no matter what troubles cross their paths. I love this story because it has the dangerous mystery, some sweet surprises and a whole lot of hot, sexy romance that just melts my heart and makes my heart race every time I read this book ... it’s just soooo good!

So thank you everyone for a great year of romance reading, and goodbye 2017, it was a fantabulous book year ... and hello 2018, I can’t wait to read all the new sexy romance that will be coming my way!

Gotta Read! Truth or Beard by Penny Reid

Oh my god, where do I begin to tell you all how I’ve fallen madly in love with Truth or Beard by Penny Reid. Why haven’t I read her books sooner?! I’m so mad at myself for having this book sitting on my kindle all this time and not reading it till now! It’s an absolutely, positively brilliant book in every way! Truth or Beard is sweet, sexy, laugh-out-loud too funny, and I am absolutely, positively smitten with these bearded hotties, the Winston brothers.


I love Penny Reid’s pure balls-to-the-walls boldness in her writing and her amazing, vivid imagination that makes the most beautifully quirky pictures with words on each page! All of her characters have the funniest down-to-Earth, off-the-charts unique personalities and have the most wildly inappropriate, did-They-just-say-that-out-loud-conversations that are the funniest I’ve ever read!

I just can’t sing this book’s praises loud enough ... it’s just fantastic! And big bearded good-hearted heroes will always be my book-thing!

Duane Winston has a rep. He’s a good guy, but kind of on the direct, blunt, and quick to rise to any occasion kind of guy. He has a twin, Beau, but other than being identical looking, they are pretty much opposites in the personality department.

Duane keeps all his emotions under a tight wrap, never wears his heart on his sleeve, and definitely doesn’t talk about feelings. He races cars, fixes cars and owns cars. Now that’s all Duane’s life goals in a nutshell ... except for the girl who could ruffle his feathers, tease him till the cows come home, and give as good as she can take faster and better than anyone else on the planet moves back to town. Now all Duane can think about is how to make Jessica James his sweetheart for as long as they both shall live, preferably right here in Green Valley. Now all he has to do is maybe pretend to be Beau, just for a few minutes, no harm in that right?

Jessica James has been gah-gah over the ultimate nice guy, Beau Winston, since forever, and his twin Duane has been her arch nemesis for even longer than she can remember ... but no one is going to squash her dreams of seeing the world and living the life she’s always wanted.

Well, Jess will travel just as soon as she can pay off her school debts to become a math teacher, and then she’s off to experience everything the planet has to offer. One single dreamy moment of being kissed like she was Beau Winston’s everything might keep a girl in Green Valley forever. Only one problem. That fantastic kisser who rocked her world and made seven minutes in heaven seem like way too short a time in the lust zone with all the hands and lips touching her all over then suddenly pumping the brakes, giving her that crazy 'you're up to something' grin she’s seen a million times on that face, is Duane “wow what a kisser” Winston. Not his twin. Damn that man! Now he’s gone and done it, making her fall madly in love with the big beardilicious aggravation!

Jessica and Duane are two of the greatest characters and my new favorites for so many reasons. They are warm, light-hearted and unique. Their sense of humor is refreshingly open and honest, sassy yet sincere, teasing and flirty all at the same time. I’ve never read a funnier comedic contemporary romance ever! It’s sexy, sure, but also just so darn sweet ... Duane won me right over, as soon as I stopped being so mad at him.

Duane Winston had me spitting nails one minute, and lusting after him the next, just like Jess! And Jessica was one big bundle of nervous energy whenever she was around Duane. Her heart ping-ponged around so many times I got a bit dizzy, but only in the best way. Great side characters too, like all of Duane’s brothers and Jessica’s best friend Claire, adding so many laugh out loud moments and heartfelt emotional hugs all the way through.

What an amazing, fun book to read in every way and I’m so sorry I took so long to read it ... so now that I’m thoroughly addicted to Penny Reid’s Winston Brothers Series, I’m going to have to read them all, I especially can’t wait to read all about Cletus!

Gotta ReRead! Nauti Dreams by Lora Leigh

Achingly Heartwarming! Nauti Dreams by Lora Leigh is suspense-fully romantic! I love how this author creates her perfectly imperfect worlds of romance, intrigue, and angst in this Nauti Series, beautifully depicting all the natures of war, pain, and suffering in every form and the strength of the human spirit to overcome it all, physically and emotionally.

Heart pounding and heart melting all in one extremely exciting, thrilling, and sensually sexy, suspense story!


Natches MacKay is my favorite veteran of the three cousins who served in the military in this fantastic series. He’s so gorgeous, so flirty, while also quiet, disciplined, and an isolated loner. Natches has had nothing but hard times since birth, and now only expects the worst at every turn. Each day is one more day living in PTSD hell not only from being a sniper in the war but also from his horrible childhood. Nothing gives him a moments peace from his nightmares and daymares .... until he reflects on one fateful night in the desert. A brave, stubborn, amazing woman needs his help to escape her interrogation torture, and Natches sees his future flash before his eyes. Chaya Greta Dane may be the damsel he rescued, but she’s the one who rescued his heart that night, and Natches is now on a mission to return the favor. Years later, every time Chaya comes to town, she continually ignites Natches passion ... only on this visit, Chaya will be his for good.

Chaya Dane is the toughest character I’ve ever read. Her sacrifice and bravery totally awed me and I especially love that nothing about her unassuming, plain character is the typical or expected heroine in an erotic romance. She thought she had the perfect life: a wonderful husband, an adorable child and a dangerous job for military intelligence. When she took a routine assignment to the Middle East, Chaya thought she’d be back home in a few days. Unfortunately shit hit the proverbial fan, she was captured and tortured in the most violently unimaginable ways. Come to find out her tormentors were in cahoots with her two-faced double-crossing husband and it cost her everything and everyone she holds most dear ... But a mysterious flirty rescuer motivates Chaya to run, to live and to exact revenge with his unbelievably deep sexy voice and his breathtaking kisses in the middle of a sandpit hiding from enemies. Her heart is all in, her body wants Natches more than air, but she pushes him away for his own sake with two words guaranteed to cool off his jet, “I’m married” ... Now years later, how many second chances can a girl get with a guy like Natches?

I think I love reading this story over and over because it has so many excruciatingly passionate, love-denied moments that just make me swoon. Both characters are so ultimately good inside, but so extremely broken outside. Unselfish and self-sacrificing should be their middle names. Chaya and Natches don’t feel worthy of each other or deserving of a second chance at life or love. Both are riddled with pain and guilt, brimming with the need for revenge. But their chemistry, wow, it’s explosive and addictive ... I just find myself rooting for Chaya and Natches to call a truce, quit their schemes, and finally just be together ... it’s one of the most amazingly frustrating and heatedly heart-melting stories I’ve ever read!

I’ve been reading all of this author’s books for over a decade, and each series, each genre, each romance just gets better and hotter ... Lora Leigh is an absolute one-click must-read author for me, so go give her books a try!


Gotta Read! Sol, Love In Translation 1 by Leslie McAdam

Sol by Leslie McAdam is a contemporary romance masterpiece between a HAF Army veteran and the sexy hippie princess of his dreams. Beautifully written, artfully creative, exquisitely heartwarming and absolutely moving in every way ... just be prepared for all the ugly cries!



Sol is all about lighting up a new path in Danika and Trent’s awe-mazing world and bursting them into a bright future. It’s an authentically touching story, that’s not only supremely sexy but also beautifully inspiring. The book setting in Spain and Spanish culture makes the story even more magical and romantic. Every chapter is a shimmering gem, with golden nuggets of goodness and sexy surprises throughout. Leslie McAdam wraps me up into this brilliant story of overcoming all sorts of pain and having a second chance at life, no matter what has been thrown in the way.

Sol has so many wonderfully enticing elements. It’s opposites attract sexy with the older woman and younger man connection. It’s also a little forbidden with the a man crushing on his best friend’s older sister. Then Sol gets a bit taboo when the story changes to an Army veteran becoming a student and pursues his college professor ... and the best part? Trent and Danika are all of those scenarios all bundled up in one hell of an erotically romantic story that moved me to tears and made me fall in love with their unbreakable connection no matter how bumpy the road to happiness gets.

I’d known. I’d just known that we had an attraction that neither one of us wanted to admit. Her reaction proved it.
And now, for fuck’s sake, I had to leave.
This kiss was a goodbye when we’d never said hello ...
“I’m sorry I didn’t do that sooner.” The words tumbled out as I let her go. She slid off the pinball machine. Her stunned eyes gazed up at me, her lips swollen, her breath coming out in pants.
“I wish our first kiss wasn’t a goodbye kiss.”

Sol made Danika and Trent come to life and jump right into my heart ... Trent is young, disciplined and has his life in order, till one day in Afghanistan changes him forever. Now he’s damaged, guilt-ridden and out of control, but one star shines in his vision, Danika. Now he not only has a reason to live but a new mission ... Get the girl. Danika is a free-spirited teacher with a bohemian gypsy heart. All of her life has been saying goodbye to everyone and every place she lands in the world, but when Trent walks into her classroom, her flibberty-jibbitt hippie world explodes, right along with her ovaries ... and she can’t decide if that’s a good thing or a bad omen. Now both must confront the unconfrontable, and find a way to move on, hopefully together choosing a ticket in the sunshine.

“Wants what?”
A grin lifted her pretty lips. “Wants to get to know you better. Four years looks good on you. I remember that time in
the pizza parlor...”
I tilted my head to the side, and hope reared up. “So when I take you back to your apartment, you’d let me kiss you the way I did before I left for boot camp?”
She nodded. “And maybe more than a kiss. Just for tonight.”
I leaned in. Better to be blunt than to be misunderstood. “Casual sex. Friends with benefits.”
Her eyes widened. “Well, if you put it that way.” She shrugged then gave me a huge Dani smile. My God, there was my dream come true. I didn’t have to keep her out of reach anymore.
“Got it.”

Sol is just special. I loved the heartfelt journeys these characters have to go on to find not only true love and true peace, but it’s also to discover the magic of self-empowerment, forgiveness and new hope like I have never read in a book. It’s full of heart, happiness, and heat! I felt their pain and I felt their love ... So grab a box of tissues and settle into one of the “best ugly cry books that will turn you on like no other” book experiences you’ve ever read!

Sol lives up to its title ... a warm place in the sun. It’s shined a light on some of the insecure places in my own heart I never examined. I not only had my own feelings exposed and revealed, but all the touching life lessons beautifully described yoga scenes and the revelations of forgiveness, helped me heal a little. This book will be a part of me for a long time. Trent and Danika’s story made me focus on my own life journey, opening my eyes to my own value and to forgive myself ... What an incredibly, amazingly emotional read for me, but so comfortingly cathartic too ... like a big hug.

Sol touched my soul, and I’ll always keep this book in the top drawer of my heart bureau forever and ever.

***All quotes in this post are from the book and are for review purposes only***


Gotta ReRead!! Predator’s Kiss, Gemini Island Shifters 1 by Rosanna Leo

Love Shape-Shifter Romance? Well, this one is as exciting and romantic as a paranormal bear shifter romance can get! Predator’s Kiss by Rosanna Leo is terrific reading! Magical, fantastical, and sexy beyond all my expectations in this wonderful story of finding one’s true mate when you least expect to ... Talk about a Bear Hug in a book!



Rosanna Leo writes with such heart! Her characters are funny, clever, good, and feel so real. The story-line is really romantic and easy to follow, but so engaging and endearing as well. There’s never a dull moment! All the sexy scenes are done so great, emotionally sweet, but very sensual ... I love that it’s so hot and steamy! It’s just what an erotic paranormal romance should be!

Isn’t it amazing when the ordinary girl-next-door gets the super hot alpha-manly man of her dreams who inspires and lights her up in all sorts of ways? Only this unusual man is way more than she bargained for.

Lia Goodblood is running from a sick stalker and runs right into an island full of mysterious happenings and strange people that she only thought were in fairy tales. She writes erotic romance books with crazy plot twists, but never in all her imaginations would Lia have ever dreamed she’d end up in the middle of her very own Goldilocks story. But what a sexy story it is when the big, burly man of your dreams, Ryland Snow gets his alpha sexy yummy bear paws on you and claims you as his mate for life.

“A bear will make a low moaning sound if it’s giving off a mild warning. In courtship, it will huff.”
He kicked off his boots, yanked off his socks, and then pulled off his jeans and tossed them onto the couch.
“And if it growls?” she asked, unable to tear her gaze away from his bared skin. Ryland offered her a crooked smile, and the sensuous curl of his lips made him appear more playful than she’d ever seen him.
“Oh, if a bear growls, you know you’re in trouble.”

Ryland Snow is a bear Shifter, resigned to be alone and running his resort on Gemini Island. He has been burned by human women too many times in his past and has no intention to relive that kind of trouble again, but there’s just something irresistibly special about Lia Goodblood that sings to his inner bear beast. All his resistance is futile when she’s threatened, assaulted and in danger of being killed on his island. Now all Ryland can think of is claiming his
mate, taking his mate, protecting his mate and making Lia his forever.

“Ryland leaned over and covered her mouth in his as the animal inside him fought for release. Lia didn’t fight it either; she clutched at him, winding her arms around his neck. He was careful not to hurt her wounded arm, but held her tight, so tightly she was lifted from the floor and her feet dangled under her. With every taste, with every sensual glide of their tongues, the need to make her his grew. Ryland reeled, feeling more at the mercy of his beastly instincts than he ever had before. This wasn’t just carnal lust. This wasn’t simply the need for a fuck. Something had reached inside him and scrawled Lia’s name on every part of him that mattered. Mate bond. As they fell apart on a breath, he knew it was useless to fight. He would make her his.”

Predator’s Kiss is a must get-must read! It’s fun, flirty and fantastic!

Thank you again, Rosanna, for writing this book and I am so excited to read all the other books in this Gemini Island Shifters Series!

***All quotes in this post are from the book and for review purposes only***


Gotta Read! Greyson, The Silver Moon Pack Series by Cali MacKay

It's Shifter Time!! I love reading super sexy paranormal romances in October! All the scary danger, all the intense suspense and all the super alpha wolf Shifter getting all lusty-hot and bothered over its female fated-mate …. ooohhh, it's sooo goood! It just gets me all wound up for Halloween with all these sexy wolves howling at the full moon!


Cali MacKay’s book one of her shifter series, Greyson, the Silver Moon Pack, is freaking fantastic!! A very exciting love story about beating the odds when life throws all kinds of wild changes in your path. What a great book escape adventure! Spectacularly exciting and salaciously erotic! There's never a dull moment all the way through!

Right from the start, trouble and intrigue find Greyson, as he sees his future life mate getting mauled, and from then on, as they maneuver their way through all the pack politics and all the dark dangers threatening Juno, they save the pack and fall in love. Such a fun read for a Fall afternoon and I loved every minute of it! An action-packed storyline with great Shifter characters makes this such an engaging read!

Juno Sorensen finds herself in the middle of all sorts of violent trouble in Wild Creek, and all she wanted was to be alone, away from all the people. Her life has been one danger after another until she had no choice but to run away and hide … her “curse” is uncontrollable and absolutely scares her. Two men who attacked her died as she tried to defend herself, and adding even more crazy to her misery, it's happened yet again with a big bear trying to rape her, of all things. Now she is surrounded by brawny, strange shifting men who either want to kill her or marry her … what's a girl to do? RUN!

Greyson Moore knows without a doubt, Juno is his fated-mate, his one true soulmate and the woman he's supposed to be with forever … only she’s not quite as convinced about the match, or as human as she appears. But Juno has acquired a lot of undesirable attention, and seems to be hunted by bear shifters for a murder she didn't commit … or did she? All Greyson knows is that this curvy punk rock pixie is his, his to protect and his to love, no matter what it takes to convince her or his pack that's she's the one. Now if only Juno would start taking all the imminent danger surrounding her seriously and let Greyson be the big strong Alpha Wolf that he's destined to be, things would be a whole lot easier. It's a good thing wolves love the chase … because Juno is gonna make his life anything but easy from here on out … she's a runner but he's a hunter.

I really love reading Cali MacKay’s stories, and I think I've read most of her books so far. All of her adventures are exciting to read and so fun get lost in … they are all so very, very sexy and so very, very romantic! If you haven't read any of her books yet, you are missing out! Get some Cali MacKay books today!!

Gotta ReRead! Seven Years To Sin by Sylvia Day

I am absolutely, positively obsessed with Sylvia Day’s inspiring regency romances ... so obsessed! Seven Years To Sin is undoubtedly one of the best historical romances I've ever read! Truly Extraordinary!

I am madly in love with Alistair Caulfield. Madly! Every single thing about him is devastatingly delicious! All that he endures and suffers through is so admirable and maddeningly heroic, but it's his unyielding, unapologetic passion for Jessica that is magically spellbinding! Alistair is truly the stuff of every woman’s fantasies!

This story grips my heart like no other.

I honestly read and reread this book many times a year, actually every year since it was released. I can't ever get enough! Maybe it's the dreamy longing they have for each other when they were young. Maybe it's the fortuitous fate that brings them together seven years later. Maybe it's the way Alistair lives his life knowing and believing that he will be united with Jessica someday, no matter how long he must wait,
even if it's a lifetime. Maybe it's the insatiable, erotic passion that draws them together and pulls at their hearts. Maybe it's how they are so amazing on the outside, by all appearances, but so imperfect and so broken on the inside. Maybe it's just how they are so right together, and so good for each other in every way.  Whatever the reason that I'm irrevocably addicted to their story, and there's too many to count, I love this book with every ounce of my being!

Lady Tarley, Jessica Sheffield Sinclair is undeniably perfect ... statuesque, refined, educated and beautiful, but at a great personal cost. She's betrothed, a match made by her father, but one that she accepts as her duty. Her husband is by all accounts a good, kind and handsome man, but Jess wants more ... a man who will treat her like a wife in public and a mistress in the bedroom.

One chance encounter in the gardens at dawn shows her what she truly craves, what she desperately desires and that's in the sapphire bright, mesmerizing gaze of Alistair Caulfield as he commands her to stay to watch his indiscretions in the gazebo. Jess’s life changed forever on that night ... she’s left a big secret part of her soul with that handsome rake.

Years later, now a widow, and set adrift to the sea of money hungry Lords, she desires to be independent, useful and knowledgeable in the ways of business. Jess sets sail for her property in Jamaica to start her new life, but never dreamed she'd find the one man who still haunts her heart and fuels her passionate dreams every night.

Alistair Caulfield has always been woefully underestimated in all aspects of his life. He’s the fourth born bastard son to a very wealthy Lord, that has been his mother’s painful secret all his life, but he is the one who has paid for it dearly. Everything he has accomplished, bought, and achieved is all on his own merits.

Since he was born with exceptional good looks and legendarily endowed, he has used all the gifts bestowed upon him to make the ladies of the ton very satisfied ... for a price. He is a man who will do anything, say anything, and take any wager to achieve wealth, prosperity and the love of his life, Jessica Sheffield Sinclair, the recently widowed Lady Tarley. But the fates are playing a joke on Alistair ... he is now involuntarily thrust into the society he detests and must now play a role to appease his mother, the family line and The Ton, but at what unimaginable sacrifice.

Jessica and Alistair have a fiery clandestine romance on the ship to Jamaica, but wading the murky, judgmental waters of the ton society is whole new level of polite games and deceptive politics as both Jessica and Alistair come to grips with the intensity of their fierce love for each other and the harsh realities of how they can be together forever. Many obligations stand in their way, but nothing will ever cool their ardor ... Can they trust their love is strong enough to weather the storms ahead?

Brilliant story, Brilliant characters and Brilliant feels on every single page!!

Most people know Sylvia Day’s books from her contemporary series, but even if you don't think you'd like Regency Romance, give this book a shot ... I promise it will be worth every minute you spend in it fully engaged, absorbed and emotionally invested in Jessica and Alistair’s memorable story!

Now, let me just add ... If, and that's a big IF, Sylvia Day ever, ever reads this post ... I would love to leave this heartfelt pleading sentiment ...

Please, please, please write a sequel to this book!! I need to know more!

I desperately want to know how Jessica’s sister, Hester and the wonderful Michael Sinclair get their HEA, and I would love, love, love to see Jessica and Alistair get their “miracle” when they take their belated second honeymoon to Jamaica.
Maybe it can be called “Seven Years To Heal” and it can be half Jessica's future story and half Hester’s love affair ... pretty please?! I really really love Jessica and Alistair, so much, and I would love to see them get everything they've ever dreamed of!

Ok ... now that that's out of my system, hahaha ...

I can't recommend this book highly enough or give it too many stars ... so to all of you romance readers who love to fall in love with the hero, Alistair Caulfield is phenomenal, a cut above ... as heart-melting as he is panty-melting!!

It's such an amazing read!!